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Afrodoctors is a well organised community of african doctors we help lives to be better using spiritual spells / African herbs /spiritual commands and a lot more.All your problems can be solved

Meet Dr. Kanyani / Mama Andile

Doctor K is an iconic African Herbalist /Doctor who has been helping Africans for more than 20 years.He has done a lot of wanders.These includes bringing back arrested people/ helping job seekers/ bringing back lost lovers /family problems/ marriage spells/job spells and almost anything you may wish. ie get promoted /get a job /get a respected position / political powers and many more.We helped many powerful politicians Mama Andile is a herbal/spells specialist who specialises on love spells and relationship problems .this includes bringing back loved once/ attrction spells attract who ever you want to mary or get married with and everything about love. ie love flowers / lovespell/ attraction spells /bring back your husbund. sexual herbs improve your sexual activity and attractivness and many more. .

if you have your own issue which is not mentioned feel free to contact us.One on one available 2times a week please view availability tables below .

Our Timeline

One on One consulting

contact us on our whatsapp number or visit us for one on one consuting on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Other Problems

You have your own unmentioned issues eg bringing back stolen goods ,chasing away bad spirits and many more you can book an appointment on thursdays website.

Love and Relationship Issues

All relationship problems and love issues Mama And is available online from Monday to tuesdays.You want your loved one back /you want to be loved or anything you think its impossible in your life .Get in touch with Mama Andl.

Getting a Job. job spells

Our job spells and rituals and spells can only be done on Sundays.This involves all employment problems either you get fired ,you want a new job, promotion and etc we perform this rituals and spiritual spells on sundays.Please not that our work dose not involve any blood mostly based on chasing out bad spirits,bad lucky and casting you lucky spells

this also covers anything to do with wealthy either you want to do a businrss get reach or a musician an artist or anything you are talented with.all these rituals are done on sundays ie every sundays

Talent casting

If you want a talent for a living or bring backk a lost talent we can help you either you were a footballer ,musician and etc and uyou want a recognisable talent those rituals are done on tuesays visit our contact page for more information.

Our Clients

Book an appointment Whatsapp +27635356119